Construction Finance and the Problem With Banks

High street banks are often the benchmark for clients looking to borrow money. This is true of personal mortgages, loans and no less so for funding building projects. Most would agree that they provide the cheapest rates and all builders and developers are looking for the cheapest construction finance.The problem is that for most clients the high street are simply not an option at the moment, and from news I have had, nor will they be for the foreseeable future. I have dealt with clients who should be able to obtain bank funding, having clean credit, a good track record and years of experience in the sector. They are still being declined for various reasons, such as the loan amount is too low, the type of build is not what the bank wants, they have other loans that would need to be repaid first – the list goes on.However, just because your current bank will not give you construction finance does not mean that there are no options available to you. It does mean though that you should not judge quotes we, or others give you, on the basis that the rate of interest or fees might be more than you are used to or were expecting.Off high street lenders are NEVER going to offer building finance as cheap as the big banks. They are specialists filling a gap in the market, and to be frank, they know that your options are limited. Lenders such as this are mostly funded by investors who want to see a return on their money and the lender themselves need to charge a margin to stay in business. The market has set the rates that others are prepared to pay and so you have a stark choice – pay the higher rates or do not borrow the money. For those that are cash rich there is no issue but for the majority that want to leverage their capital it is the difference between building or not building.Of course, paying more for the construction finance means less profit for you, the developer, but it does mean you are making more profit than not doing any work at all. If you cannot get a project funded at a high street rate then the rates you have in mind or might want to pay are not applicable for comparison. A bank may have given you funds at 1.5% above base in the past but that is irrelevant now. The past is not today.The fact that building finance is available is good news but now is as crucial a time as ever to use a broker with experience and knowledge of the market. Making the wrong choice could cost you thousands in unnecessary fees and interest.Going through the internet looking for lenders directly is possible, of course. But how long will that take you? Hours or days? How do you know they will be the best fit for your project? Will they give you all the information you need day 1?Working with an experienced broker can make the process much easier as they will have a real understanding of how each lender works, the process they go through and what costs you can expect, before you get too far into an application.So, construction finance is out there but for your own sanity don’t automatically compare it to what you are used to and what you think should be available.

Digital Photography Tutorials, Are a Relatively New Art

Digital Photography, now surfacing and abandoning the older art of film photography, is slowly capturing the hearts of most enthusiasts of photography in general. The more user friendly type of controls and easier accessibility made it even more popular. In film photography, where the focus is more on the negatives and developing the same, was more tuned to older enthusiasts. More, the necessity for a darkroom to develop images made this art accessible to rich people.However, say goodbye to those days where the need for darkroom is necessary and throw those negatives.Digital Photography Tutorials, are a relatively new art, is easy to learn. Just take note of this tutorial, and you would be more than prepared to take on the challenge and shoot your way to happiness!First, think of doing a Digital Photography Tutorial as a hobby, a way of capturing God’s painting to your own interpretation, which leaves you that freedom – emphasis given to the phrase “your interpretation.” Photography is a painting that is faithful to its subject, once you get to enjoy what you are doing, everything would follow.With digital photography tutorials you can use autofocus more often to make your life easier. In autofocus, you do not have to twist the focus ring as the camera would do it for you. This would come in handy in quick situations where fast shooting is needed. Try to couple it with continuous burst, and then you would be more than fine in your works!The post processing may be the very distinctive and levelled up feature that a photographer gets from transferring to digital. Post processing is the method that photographers use to enhance their photos, making them more convincing and pleasurable to the human eye. So how is this done? In post processing, you could liberally tweak the contrast of the image, brightness of the image is it is to dark or light, colour levels for emphasis of some colours, and so on. There is also an image correction option that enables you to remove blemishes from the final image – you could remove pimples or dark spots in portraits, remove vignettes that are caused by your lens hood, lessen the noise, and erase unwanted elements in the picture.But what sets from post processing is the option called high pass filter. Did you see that ultra sharp photo that looks as if it was captured using a micrometric camera? Well, those are achievable via high pass filter. The procedure for digital photography tutorials are quite simple:1. Open your image.2. Create a duplicate layer on top of the original image.3. Click on high pass filter.4. Manipulate the pixel slider. The ideal pixel count is somewhere between 2-10 px, depending on the photo, a higher pixel count is needed for more detailed photos.5. Once finished, see how the image turned grey. Change its layer mode to overlay, soft light, or hard light, depending on the picture.The high pass filter is universally used by photographers around the world, so do not be scared to use it.Photography purists are somehow bitter on what post processing has brought. They argue that is taints the very essence of photography. However, we could clearly see the improvement it had brought, so that must be taken into account. Photography, like any other form of art, is constantly growing. It must grow with other art in order to grow.Now, with the more basic principles of digital photography tutorials, it would be a lot easier for you to start. So pick up your digital camera, think of a subject, focus, and then shoot! After all, digital photography is a revolutionized art for everyone to enjoy!

Sales Bottom Line – What’s The Big Idea!

What is the professional reality for any Sales Manager? You are only as good as your weakest link allows you to be.I am often asked by Sales Managers what the secret is to getting sales solutions quickly.Here is part of what we do and it reflects how we get to increase sales, quickly and cost effectively for major benefits such as:Easily accessible sales bottom line skills knowledge & training with an 8 step process. A system for individual coaching irrespective of sales team size. Goal setting & drive are at the heart of successful sales with a simple to follow process made available to individualsAccess to online sales and sales manger coaching with blended learning techniques sales bottom line. The collective hands-on sales and Sales Manager industry expertise of our sales bottom line specialists using our proven COG System cover all aspects of Selling, Prospecting and Lead Generation by an experienced battle hardened 15 year veteran of the internet & social networking environment.Pricing Analysts & Specialists.
Sales Database Engineers and in the cloud Management.
Proposal and Presentation Specialists.
Sales and People Management,
Sales Training and Motivation,
Social media Policies and Procedural matters,
Sales Manager Compliance Issues,
Web 2.0, Sales,
Special Seminar Events,
Customer Service & CRM specialists.
Marketing Integrators.
Organizational gap fillers plus niche and sales systems.Once we start digging, the real sales picture will quickly emerge.Before these solutions can be executed, authority should be sought from the Sales Manager or sales representative who has been given permission to over see such projects for unfettered access to the sales team including all existing methods and manuals. The sales task force, working with the sales manager will set about discreetly, or otherwise, unearthing the real reasons behind the current situation – good or bad. These facts will then be reconciled against the sales bottom line information that has already been previously supplied by sales management to Head Office.Any discrepancies that exist between those two lists, the Sales Manager and the sales person list, will then be red flagged as both important and urgent. In other words, by drilling right to the core of the problems with your sales bottom line with bankable rapidity.The first question you want answered is, “What is actually happening when the Sales Manager and management are not there?” Such as out in the field, 2.00pm Friday afternoon, in other words a complete picture.But, when you start putting their sales people under pressure, the Sales Manager should be informed to be prepared for any of the following traits in their salespersons:weaker less enthusiastic
poorer performers
out of their depth
bored or sheltering in a comfort zone
unmotivated with disruptive attitudes
adverse to instructions from the management
no idea about sales bottom line
no goals or enthusiasm for improvementTo resist, feel nervous, threatened, the blame game, or come under so much team mate pressure they leave to become someone else’s headache. Some else’s problem perhaps.Call us old fashioned if you like, but we’re from the school that considers taking an unscheduled 10 minute break, talking to friends on a mobile phone during work hours, abusing the company internet & social media policies or giving shoddy service to clients as tantamount to theft and should be treated as such.Yes. We recommend that you do adopt a somewhat hard-nosed common-sense, roll the sleeves up, get down and get the hands dirty approach. That comes from our sales task force collective of over 50 years combined international experience knowing and executing what really works at all levels, from small local sales teams to large International multi cultural ones. But this is only for the initial preparation stage and prior to the transition to performance enhancement.Pre planning prevents poor performance!You should ask questions about your business, your sales goals, your ideal prospective clients and your clients. These questions will help underpin your Sales Bottom Line Blueprint with sustainable profitable solutions. This is far more than just a “survival turn around kit” for sales driven organizations.It is a complete step-by-step action plan of what to do to ensure the sales and profit at better margins heads upwards on the graph.Any organization who is trying to find ways to increase their Sales Bottom Line should also carry out a complete and extremely confidential assessment of everything related to sales. Whether you have them or not here are just some of the elements of your sales bottom line that we at Sales Drive scrutinize and perfect, listed in no particular order.Individual salespeople performance, attitude towards the Sales Manager, time management, punctuality, promise making, delivery, tasking, recruitment
Compliance issues, confidentiality and security
Ideas, creativity, expanded thinking, sales presentation, service
Occupational Health & Safety manuals, operations manuals, policies, training manuals
All sales and Sales Manager performance to date
Sales budgets
Checklists, daily activity lists, sales orders
Flow charts, procedures, delivery
Understanding of client issues, ability to uncover potential lost opportunities for clients and other matters
Sales commitments and obligations
Client prospecting, segmented marketing, sales event mix, special attractions and reasons to buy
Equipment, material, maintenance, improvements
Your rivals and your competition, everythingIf they drive a company car we will even look in the trunk to see the hidden time wasters – golf clubs and the like. The good news is that nearly every imaginable challenge and problem in the sales industry has a solution.Thankfully for you, there is no need for you to reinvent the wheel or rely on guesswork.What is learnt from these in depth analysis’s about your business is should be kept strictly confidential. Both parties should sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, because you wouldn’t like any of the matters discussed repeated to anyone either.You can expect to enjoy increased sales.Before you know it, your sales team will be fully systematized; the key people up skilled, motivated and working at capacity for your benefit. This means you can sleep soundly at night knowing that:All stakeholders will see progress
Your role will be appreciated and elevated
The sales support staff will be eager to satisfy the clients
The clients will be eager to return more often
The reputation and therefore the value of your organization will rise
Quality salespeople will be queuing to join your team
Staff turnover will drop
Costly Lost sales will decline
Sales Team and overall Staff morale will improve
Recruitment will be easier
Poor performers will be gone to become someone else’s headacheWhat more can I say about your bottom line?© Phil Polson – 2013. All rights reserved.