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Digital Photography Tutorials, Are a Relatively New Art

Digital Photography, now surfacing and abandoning the older art of film photography, is slowly capturing the hearts of most enthusiasts of photography in general. The more user friendly type of controls and easier accessibility made it even more popular. In film photography, where the focus is more on the negatives and developing the same, was more tuned to older enthusiasts. More, the necessity for a darkroom to develop images made this art accessible to rich people.However, say goodbye to those days where the need for darkroom is necessary and throw those negatives.Digital Photography Tutorials, are a relatively new art, is easy to learn. Just take note of this tutorial, and you would be more than prepared to take on the challenge and shoot your way to happiness!First, think of doing a Digital Photography Tutorial as a hobby, a way of capturing God’s painting to your own interpretation, which leaves you that freedom – emphasis given to the phrase “your interpretation.” Photography is a painting that is faithful to its subject, once you get to enjoy what you are doing, everything would follow.With digital photography tutorials you can use autofocus more often to make your life easier. In autofocus, you do not have to twist the focus ring as the camera would do it for you. This would come in handy in quick situations where fast shooting is needed. Try to couple it with continuous burst, and then you would be more than fine in your works!The post processing may be the very distinctive and levelled up feature that a photographer gets from transferring to digital. Post processing is the method that photographers use to enhance their photos, making them more convincing and pleasurable to the human eye. So how is this done? In post processing, you could liberally tweak the contrast of the image, brightness of the image is it is to dark or light, colour levels for emphasis of some colours, and so on. There is also an image correction option that enables you to remove blemishes from the final image – you could remove pimples or dark spots in portraits, remove vignettes that are caused by your lens hood, lessen the noise, and erase unwanted elements in the picture.But what sets from post processing is the option called high pass filter. Did you see that ultra sharp photo that looks as if it was captured using a micrometric camera? Well, those are achievable via high pass filter. The procedure for digital photography tutorials are quite simple:1. Open your image.2. Create a duplicate layer on top of the original image.3. Click on high pass filter.4. Manipulate the pixel slider. The ideal pixel count is somewhere between 2-10 px, depending on the photo, a higher pixel count is needed for more detailed photos.5. Once finished, see how the image turned grey. Change its layer mode to overlay, soft light, or hard light, depending on the picture.The high pass filter is universally used by photographers around the world, so do not be scared to use it.Photography purists are somehow bitter on what post processing has brought. They argue that is taints the very essence of photography. However, we could clearly see the improvement it had brought, so that must be taken into account. Photography, like any other form of art, is constantly growing. It must grow with other art in order to grow.Now, with the more basic principles of digital photography tutorials, it would be a lot easier for you to start. So pick up your digital camera, think of a subject, focus, and then shoot! After all, digital photography is a revolutionized art for everyone to enjoy!